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How to Earn Free Google Play Money

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How to Earn Free Google Play Money

There are so many great mobile games out there that are free to download - Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, the list goes on. The way these games make money is through voluntary in-app purchases for things like extra lives or bonus items. Sometimes when we’re on a roll, we wish we had an extra life so or two so we could keep on playing. But if you’re reading this blog, you’re likely too cost-conscious to shell out real dollars for an impulsive in-app purchase.

Wouldn’t it be great at times like that to have some free Google Play money in your account?

If you can relate, you’ll definitely want to check out the Google Opinion Rewards app!

Google Opinion Rewards is an official Google app for Android that asks you simple questions in exchange for Google Play credit. The rewards are small, generally between 10 and 50 cents apiece. But over time, you can easily rack up a nice chunk of change that can fuel your 99-cent in-app purchases!

Google Play

With Google Opinion Rewards, you wait until the app sends you a push notification that a survey is available. The most common surveys we’ve seen regard how you paid for a purchase (or whether or not you made a purchase) at a business you recently visited and questions about your YouTube viewing habits. These surveys usually consist of between 1 and 3 quick multiple-choice questions and only take a few seconds to complete. After you finish, the app tells you how much money you received and you get your reward instantly credited to your account!

Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards

When you want to make an in-app purchase, or purchase a paid app in the Google Play store, you will have the opportunity to use your Google Play credit in lieu of your method of payment. If you don’t have enough credit to cover your entire purchase, you can use the credit you have to offset the amount charged to your credit card. But if you have enough credit from having answered your questions, you will get your purchase for free!

We’ve been using the Google Opinion Rewards app for just a few months, and already we’ve earned over $30. And that’s all just for sparing a few seconds to answer a couple questions from Google at a time. That’s money we’ve been able to save for more important things, all while enjoying the freemium games we love to their fullest!

Give it a try!

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