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Support Literacy with Dollar General Chocolate Bars

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Support Literacy with Dollar General Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t love buying chocolate for a good cause? When kids sell chocolate bars to raise money for their school or sports team, how can you say no? After all, who can’t spare a dollar, and who couldn’t use a little extra chocolate in their life?

Seasonal fundraisers come and go… Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy chocolate bars for a good cause anytime at all?

If you like the win-win of supporting charity and getting your chocolate fix, you’ll want to check out Dollar General Literacy Foundation chocolate bars!

Dollar General sells three types of store-brand chocolate bars – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt. All three of their large 3.5 oz bars cost only $1, and as their labels say, 100% of their proceeds go to Dollar General Literacy Foundation!

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Chocolate

And if you’re a cookie lover, there are $1 packages of Fudge Dipped Shortbread Cookies that also support the DG Literacy Foundation. You can read more about all four DG Literacy Snacks on the Dollar General website: https://www.dollargeneral.com/dg/dg-literacy-snacks

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Cookies

What is the Dollar General Literacy Foundation? The organization was started in 1993 in memory of J. L. Turner, a co-founder of Dollar General who had to drop out of school at an early age due to a family tragedy and never learned how to read. Since its founding, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has distributed over $182 million in grants to literacy organizations all over the country, particularly in communities surrounding Dollar General stores. Just do a quick Google News search for “Dollar General Literacy Foundation” to read local news stories from all over the country about the schools, libraries, charities, and other groups that have recently received grants from the foundation, like these:

In 2020, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation gave out $8.6 million in its largest one-day grant announcement to date. It gave $2 million to an organization called Save the Children that has helped rural children continue to learn while their schools are shuttered because of the coronavirus.

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate that helps people. Look for Dollar General Literacy Foundation chocolate bars in your local DG store’s candy aisle!

Do you love chocolate? How about chocolate that supports a good cause? Help support literacy programs across the United States by buying chocolate at Dollar General! Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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