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How to Maximize Your Google AdSense Revenue

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How to Maximize Your Google AdSense Revenue

Ad networks are a popular way for bloggers to try to make money off their blogs. After all, that’s the dream – publish some articles, sit back, and let the ad revenue roll in. However, it can take some time before the money starts showing up, and even then, it’s just a few pennies at a time.

So, every blogger is likely looking for that secret solution for maximizing their ad revenue. And if you Google the subject, you’ll find many articles offering advice on how to do so. Some will tell you to place more ads, to place fewer ads, to place larger ads, to limit your number of ads above the fold, or some other overly-simple quick fix. Some more in-depth articles will point you toward Google AdWords’ keyword planner tool to look for high-paying keywords and go after those. That can all be a bit overwhelming, especially for a new blogger trying to wrap their mind around the world of online advertising.

Let us offer a more conceptual way of thinking about how to maximize your Google AdSense revenue.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, our organic SEO strategy revolves around the offering of high-quality content. If you publish valuable material that readers visit and find useful by reading in full (not bouncing), Google and other search engines, which are getting more and more advanced, will eventually take notice and treat your webpages as worthy answers to users’ questions or search queries. You don’t need to spam keywords in your content – just publish better content than the competition (making sure it’s indexable by crawl bots, of course), and over time, you will see the rewards in Google’s search results.

Although ad targeting is a different animal, we take a conceptual approach to it as well – to maximize ad revenue, target quality advertisers. And by “quality,” we mean moneyed, and those willing to shell out ad dollars to get eyeballs on their ads.

Matching Content to Advertisers

Think about the topics addressed by your blog and what companies would be interested in getting their ads in front of your readers. How competitive is that market? The more competitive and the more lucrative, in general, the more money you could make off your ad space on those pages or articles.

Some of the hottest pages ad-wise on our website are those that discuss credit cards and mortgages. Ad networks consider readers of those blog posts to be those researching opening a credit card or taking out a mortgage. Those individuals are highly valuable to advertisers as potential new customers, particularly companies selling credit cards and home loans. They are likely willing to pay what it takes to outbid the competition to get their ad in front of those targeted readers.

That’s not to say that content that doesn’t attract high-paying ad suppliers doesn’t have its value. But if you can’t think of a moneyed company that might be out there willing to pay to get their ad on your blog post or webpage to be in front of your readers, then there may not be too much money to be made from ad networks. For example, although we believe strongly in sharing health-oriented information such as about organic gardening and water purification, there simply aren’t as many advertisers targeting those subjects as those targeting, for example, financial subjects. The good news is that you can use your popular posts to draw traffic to your blog and then get them to check out your more profitable posts.

So overall, our organic SEO strategy and ad strategy go hand in hand. It’s all about the content. If we don’t get readers, then there’s no one to view or click on ads in the first place. If you don’t have readers, it doesn’t really matter where you place your ads or what size they are, does it? But the subject matter of the content also makes a big difference for attracting high-bidding advertisers. The magic lies in finding just the right subject matter that’s valuable to both your readers and advertisers.

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