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Munch Rights Natural Cheese Puffs at Dollar Tree

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Munch Rights Natural Cheese Puffs at Dollar Tree

When you think about foods you can find at Dollar Tree, you probably think about $1-size packages of conventional types of snacks and other grocery items. You may not think of Dollar Tree as a place where you can find more natural, higher-quality alternatives to some of your favorite foods.

That’s why we wanted to tell you about one of our favorite finds at Dollar Tree - Munch Rights cheese puff snacks. Munch Rights makes delicious cheese puffs and other puffs snacks with wholesome ingredients like navy beans, real cheddar cheese, and paprika for coloring. Their puffs contain no trans fats or MSG, and because they’re made from corn, they’re gluten free.

Munch Rights Cheese Puffs at Dollar Tree

Munch Rights puffs make a great alternative to Cheetos Puffs and Wise Cheez Doodles, which contain MSG, Yellow 6 food coloring, and artificial flavors. And as far as we know, Munch Rights are only found at Dollar Tree. You can find them in the snack aisle among the bags of chips.

Munch Rights Cheese Puffs at Dollar Tree

Plus, at just $1.00 for a 3-ounce bag, it’s hard to go wrong. Our kids love Munch Rights snacks, and we can feel good about giving them a tasty treat with more natural ingredients. We adults love them too – who wouldn’t love crunchy cheese puffs you don’t have to feel guilty about snacking on?

In addition to their Cheddar & Sour Cream baked puffs, Much Rights also makes Apple Cinnamon baked puffs (which we have also found at Dollar Tree and are quite delicious – they taste like Apple Cinnamon Cheerios), White Cheddar baked puffs, and BBQ baked puffs.

Munch Rights Apple Cinnamon Puffs at Dollar Tree

We’ve only seen the cheese and apple puffs at Dollar Tree thus far, but maybe the other kinds are available at other stores. If not, we hope to see them all at Dollar Tree someday soon!

Did you know you can find natural cheese puffs with wholesome ingredients at Dollar Tree for just $1 per bag? If you love cheese puffs, give Munch Rights a try! Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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