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Find Items in Publix with Your Smartphone

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Find Items in Publix with Your Smartphone

Our readers who live in the South likely already know how great Publix is. Their tagline, "Where shopping is a pleasure," is actually true. And if you shop their sales, you can save a ton on your grocery bills.

But many Publix aficionados may not know about their awesome website. Publix's website, particularly as rendered on mobile devices, has one best user experiences out there. Their developers understand that features like the weekly ads, your shopping list, and information about your nearest store are the most important features for the user on-the-go, so that's what they make easily available.

But the coolest feature about the Publix site, by far, is the item finder. We all know what it's like to be in a big store looking for a specific item that others probably don't know about. We need help, but maybe all the workers are busy, or the item is of a personal nature, or the item is so obscure we don't think a worker will know what we're talking about.

Publix understands our struggle and has made the location of every single item in their stores available through their website.

Here's all you have to do. Get out your phone, and ask, for example, "Where is ketchup in Publix."

The first search result will usually be page you're looking for. Tap the result, and you'll be taken to the product's page on Publix's website.

If you've already selected your store, the page will automatically tell you what aisle the item is on. Click on that location, and you'll be taken to a map of the store with a marker with the exact location of the product you're looking for. The detail is exact, down to the side of the aisle and placement on the shelf!

Publix screenshots

You can also use this trick to find out if a Publix near you carries a particular product at all.

This awesome service from Publix is unlike that of any other supermarket. Publix carefully plans the layouts of their stores, and they make that data available through their website and app to make their shopping experience even better. So next time you're stuck and lost in a new Publix, just pull out your phone and give this a try.


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