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Best Deals at Dollar Tree

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Best Deals at Dollar Tree
Looking for ways to save money at Dollar Tree? Check out some of our best finds to get the most for your dollar at one of our favorite stores.

Dollar Tree is a pretty atypical store – they don’t do any weekly sales or coupons to drive customers into their stores. Instead, they rely on love for that storewide $1 price point to keep their customers coming back.

The best way to save money at Dollar Tree is to know about the best dollar deals. We’d like to share some of our favorite finds at Dollar Tree to help you get the most for your money.

Kitchen Utensils

Smart shoppers should understand that in today’s marketplace, much of what we buy is made in China very cheaply, shipped over here, and then marked up to whatever the retailer thinks we will pay. This is particularly the case for plastic and metal kitchen utensils.  Other retailers will import these utensils and price them at $4, $5, $6, or more, whatever value they think the item has in the eye of the end consumer, and then pocket the difference as pure profit.

Dollar Tree doesn’t play that game – every item is always $1. Why pay more than $1 for cooking utensils we need in abundance, like serving spoons and spatulas?

Dollar Tree utensils

Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

No other retailer beats Dollar Tree when it comes to sunglasses. Usually the best deal you can find on a pair of shades at a beachside kiosk or discount retailer is about $5. But at Dollar Tree, they’re always $1. It’s smart to stock up on a few pairs in case you lose yours at the beach or drop them in the lake. For $1 it makes sense to always have have an extra pair in the car, at home, or in your suitcase.

For those who need “cheaters,” or reading glasses, Dollar Tree has you covered too. Why pay $10 or more at the drug store? Like sunglasses, reading glasses tend to disappear right when you need them, so at just $1 apiece, why not get a pair for every room in your house?  

Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree has always been a great place to buy greeting cards for just $1 or even 50 cents apiece. Now Dollar Tree carries Hallmark cards (which we reported earlier), making the deal even sweeter. With greeting cards reaching as high as $7 at other stores, this is a great way to stretch your dollar.

Seasonal Merchandise and Party Supplies

Seasonal décor is one of Dollar Tree’s biggest draws and one of the primary ways they compete with online retailers who have yet to crack the code. Whether it be Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, or Valentine’s Day, Dollar Tree always stocks their entrances and front aisles with party decorations, gift wrap, craft materials, and an array of gifts to match the season.

Because Dollar Tree doesn’t run sales like other stores, they fill their weekly circulars with glimpses of their special holiday finds, which can give you ideas for decorating your party using items you can find for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are a steal for just $1 at Dollar Tree. You just pick the design you want, and the store associate will fill it up with helium for you. On Valentine’s Day, many stores go ahead and inflate lots of heart-shaped balloons in advance, so you can quickly grab one and go.

Extra Special Values on a Variety of Products

This last category is somewhat nebulous, but it is where you as the customer get to do your own treasure hunting to find some great deals to match your tastes.

Dollar Tree doesn’t simply gather products sold for $1 elsewhere and bring them all under one roof. Rather, you can often find products of greater quantity and/or quality at Dollar Tree than you could find for $1 elsewhere. Dollar Tree often goes above and beyond to give you more value for your dollar than anywhere else.

We gathered a few examples to get you started on your treasure hunt.

Dollar Tree sells cans of Chicken of the Sea brand albacore tuna for just $1. This premium variety of tuna usually sells for around $2 per can at supermarkets.

Dollar Tree tuna

You can also find cans of asparagus for only $1, which would easily cost over $2 at a grocery store.

Dollar Tree asparagus

And in terms of quantity, you can often find bigger bottles of hand soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, dish soap, and cleaning products than you could find for $1 at other stores.

As Dollar Tree expands more and more into the grocery sector, devoting more aisles to food and installing freezers at more stores, they are constantly updating their selections. So be on the lookout for more unique bargains you can only find at Dollar Tree. Happy hunting!

Looking for ways to save money at Dollar Tree? Check out some of our best finds to get the most for your dollar at one of our favorite stores. Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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