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Walmart Now Using "Made in the USA" as a Brand

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Walmart Now Using "Made in the USA" as a Brand

Have you had a chance to read our Guide to Walmart’s “Made in the USA” Campaign or visit our database of Walmart’s Made in the USA products? If so, you already know that Walmart’s initiative to source store-brand products that are made, assembled, or grown in the USA has helped make a wider range of affordable American-made products available in Walmart stores.

In our opinion, Walmart hasn’t promoted its Made in the USA campaign nearly enough. To be sure, Walmart did make a big splash in the news when they announced their $250 billion push to source more US-made products, but four years later, even though you can now find hundreds of Made or Assembled in the USA products on Walmart’s shelves, their initiative has pretty much faded from memory.

A recent Consumer Reports study found that almost 8 in 10 Americans prefer to buy American-made products over imported ones. So why doesn’t Walmart market the fact that many of their store-brand products are now made in America while competing big box stores continue to import the same products from overseas?

Well, Walmart has started laying the groundwork for highlighting their Made in the USA campaign by turning it into a store brand entirely of its own. Have you noticed that some new Walmart products are bearing the “Made in the USA” logo as their brand?

We first started noticing Crocs-style shoes for kids and women’s sandals marked without any other branding besides the new “Made in the USA” logo. These shoes are even stamped on the soles with Walmart’s Made in the USA symbol.

Walmart Made in the USA Shoes Walmart Made in the USA Shoes Walmart Made in the USA Shoes

We later noticed men’s leather belts simply marked “Made in the USA.”

Walmart Made in the USA Belts

Then, just in time for Fourth of July, we noticed $5 patriotic T-shirts with Walmart’s Made in the USA label sewn right on the tags.

Walmart Made in the USA Shirts Walmart Made in the USA Shirts Walmart Made in the USA Shirts

With so many consumers now looking for American-made products, it makes perfect sense to have products simply sport the red, white, and blue Made in the USA emblem!

It’s particularly eye-catching to see clothes and shoes pop out with Walmart’s new Made in the USA labels. Virtually all the competition’s comparable products are made overseas, so clothing is a uniquely noticeable area for Walmart to capitalize on its patriotic campaign.

Have you seen more products at Walmart sporting the new dedicated “Made in the USA” brand? Let us know in the comments!

With Americans searching out Made in the USA made products more than ever, Walmart has turned it's Made in the USA campaign into a store brand all its own! Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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