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25-Cent Purchase at Harbor Freight!

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25-Cent Purchase at Harbor Freight!

We recently set out to find the cheapest item you could buy in Harbor Freight in order to use a coupon for a free gift. We found that item to be the 59-cent Color Snap Blade Utility Knife. We love using those “Free with Any Purchase” coupons, especially when we can walk out of the store with two items for less than a dollar!

Soon after we wrote that piece, we were flipping through our monthly Harbor Freight coupon catalog and we came across a beautiful little coupon on the last page…

Color Snap Blade Utility Knife… only 25 cents!

Harbor Freight 25 cents box cutter

We immediately wondered — can you really buy something for just 25 cents at Harbor Freight and still get a free item?

We went down to our local Harbor Freight to try it out. And sure enough, we were able to use the 25-cent coupon and a “Free with Any Purchase” coupon at the same time! For just 25 cents (plus 2 cents for sales tax), we walked out of the store with our box cutter and a free LED work light!

Harbor Freight 25 cents box cutter

Two items for 27 cents – that’s hard to beat! Check out Harbor Freight's coupons and keep an eye out for the next time that 25-cent box cutter coupon comes around!

Love saving money at Harbor Freight? Using this coupon, you can leave Harbor Freight with your free item for only 25 cents! That's two useful tools for only a quarter! Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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