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Cheapest Item at Harbor Freight?

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Cheapest Item at Harbor Freight?

We love using Harbor Freight "Free with Any Purchase" coupons to get free stuff. We’ve written in the past about it here and here. It’s hard to beat that feeling of getting a flashlight, tape measure, pack of batteries, or other tool absolutely free with any purchase.

Most of the time, there’s something we need anyways from a tool/hardware store like Harbor Freight that we can buy in order to get the free item. Whether that’s batteries, tape, screws, latex gloves, or some sort of other supplies, there’s usually something we can afford to stock up on.

But, hypothetically, say there was absolutely nothing that you needed from Harbor Freight, but you still wanted that free gift. What is the cheapest item in the store that you can buy in order to use a free item coupon?

We scoured our local store to find out. We searched high and low through every aisle looking for merchandise priced under $1. And ultimately, we did find the cheapest item in Harbor Freight – the 59-cent “Color Snap Blade Utility Knife.”

Harbor Freight Cheapest Item Utility Knife

(The same has been confirmed on this Reddit.)

This little retractable box cutter is pretty handy, ideal for opening all those Amazon boxes we all get every day. You can pick one of four colors – red, green, yellow, or blue.

While this may seem like an inside scoop, Harbor Freight obviously knows its diehard shoppers are looking for their cheapest item, so they make it easy for us. Most Harbor Freight stores will keep a bin of these utility knives right at the cash register.

Harbor Freight Cheapest Item Utility Knife

And cashiers usually keep some of the free gifts under their registers too, so if you want, you can head straight to the checkout line, grab a utility knife out of the bin, and ask if they have the free gift you want under their counter.

Remember that you can also use a 20% or 25% off coupon in addition to a free item coupon. That 59-cent utility knife can become only 47 cents (plus tax) with a 20% discount. So you can walk away with your utility blade and your free gift for 50 cents or less if you play your coupons right, like we did! 👇

Harbor Freight Multiple Coupons Receipt

*Full disclosure: We have found an even cheaper item at Harbor Freight. Check back soon to find out more!

What is the absolute cheapest item you can buy at Harbor Freight and still use a "Free with Any Purchase" free item coupon? We searched out local store to find out! Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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