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Where to Get $1 LED Light Bulbs

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Where to Get $1 LED Light Bulbs
LED light bulbs are a great way to cut energy bills. But can the savings exceed the upfront cost? Check out these places to find LED bulbs for only $1.

Light bulbs – so common in our everyday lives, yet constantly changing. It seems that every time we need to stock up, there are new varieties on the shelf, types that we used to think were too expensive are now much cheaper, and some types have been phased out entirely. Our preferences, however, have always been the same – we want cheaper bulbs that consume less energy, but we also want that soft, warm glow we all know and love.

The good news is that, thanks to LED bulbs, we can get nice, warm light at a fraction of the energy cost. As you will soon see, you can get them as low as $1!

Just a few years ago, LED bulbs at the store used to cost upwards of $15. They were relatively new to the household lighting market, which was then dominated by compact fluorescents or CFLs. They were somewhat of a novelty, as manufacturers had not yet begun producing them in mass quantities. Over time, likely in part because of concerns about UV radiation and mercury coming from CFLs, more and more affordable LED options have come to store shelves.

At the same time, the quality of the light from these household LED bulbs has gotten much better over the years. LED bulbs used to have the reputation of having harsh, blue light, as these types of light emitters traditionally only produced a narrow spectrum of light. But as their use in household environments has become more popular, manufacturers have made great efforts to develop new ways to make LED bulbs mimic the yellowish light of traditional incandescents. Consumer quality tests show that many LED bulbs now come very close to that soft glow we want in our household lighting.

To be sure, LED light bulbs may not be your best option for lamps where you like to read, at least for now. But for general purpose overhead household lighting, LED bulbs last much longer than incandescents and consume about 75% less energy, so they can save you lots of money if you use them where you can.

You may be thinking, these new bulbs may last longer and save on energy, but at the end of the day, the price has to be right. In terms of our monthly electric bill, the cost to run lights pales in comparison to the big offenders like water heating and air conditioning. So in terms of real dollars, shelling out big bucks on fancy light bulbs may not ever bring back that return on investment, right?

Dollar Tree

Now, there are very cheap ways to get LED bulbs. Dollar Tree now carries 60W-equivalent LED bulbs at their famously aggressive $1 price point. These bulbs tout warm, white light and a lifespan of over 22 years!

LED Bulbs Dollar Tree

The best thing about this offer is the low cost to try them out. You don’t have to buy a big case of new bulbs to get a good deal. Just pick one up at your local Dollar Tree and put it in your fixture to see if it suits your needs. If you like it, putting a few around your house can save you a nice chunk of change over the long run.

We admire Dollar Tree for making these energy-saving bulbs available for just $1. At other stores, even the big ones, the cheapest LED bulbs they carry usually cost more than $1 a piece even when purchased in sets.


The only other place we've seen carry single LED bulbs at this $1 price point has been another one of our favorite stores, IKEA. If you see some, be sure to grab a few, as they sell out quickly.

IKEA has an interesting story on their website about how their product designers developed the RYET light bulb for a $1 retail price. By improving the quality of the LED apparatus, they were eventually able to eliminate costly pieces from the power supply to bring down the per-unit price from $1.50 to $1.


However, Dollar Tree is much more convenient and more likely to have plenty of LED bulbs in stock, at least according to our experience.

So, next time one of your old light bulbs kicks the bucket, give one of these Dollar Tree LED bulbs a try. If you like it, buy a few more! It’s a cheap, easy way to keep more of your money in your pocket.

If you'd like to buy a set of 12, you can do so directly and ship free-to-store at

LED light bulbs are a great way to cut energy bills. But can the savings exceed the upfront cost? Check out these places to find LED bulbs for only $1. Cheap Simple Living LOGO

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