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Guide to Walmart's "Made in the USA" Campaign

When you shop the aisles of Walmart these days, you will see lots of products sporting new red and blue “Made in the USA” logos. Those labels are part of Walmart’s new initiative to commit $250 billion through 2023 to source and promote product...WalmartStore BrandsMade in the USA

American Plastic Toys - Made in the USA Toys at Walmart

For those of us who try to buy American-made products as much as possible, one area where it can be hard to do so is toys. In fact, according to CNNMoney, almost 90% of toys sold in the US are made in China. There are probably two main reasons why to...Made in the USAWalmart

Walmart Now Using "Made in the USA" as a Brand

Have you had a chance to read our Guide to Walmart’s “Made in the USA” Campaign or visit our database of Walmart’s Made in the USA products? If so, you already know that Walmart’s initiative to source store-brand products that are made, ass...WalmartMade in the USAStore Brands